AMTICO CLICK SMART -vinyl design tiles with wood, stone, abstract surface imitation. Economicaly useful solution for longlasting, stylish floor. This type of floor could be installed in shopping centers, restaurants, leisure and entertainment areas. Especially recommended for reconstructions of hotel room floors, because Amtico Click could be installed on old floor without any extra reconstruction costs and any noise. It is also recommended in areas where temporary exhibitions, rental premises or design solutions are required. Amtico Click tiles could be uninstalled and installed  almost without any looses in other place again . This is good choise for private sector as well.

  • 20 metų gamintojo garantija privačiam sektoriu
  • CE ženklinimas
  • bendras dangos storis 5,00mm
  • darbinis vinilo 0,55mm sluoksnis
  • commercial 10 years warranty
  • residential 20 years warranty
  • CE certificate
  • total thickness  5,00mm
  • wear layer thickness  0,55mm
  • wear group classification 23, 33, 42
  • flammability / smoke emissions Bfl-s1
  • slip resistance R10/DS
  • easy to install
  • very durable, crease-resistant
  • esthetic
  • nice reproduction of natural materials
  • easy to maintain
  • colorfast, abrasion resistant
  • easy installation without glue with lock system
  • suitable for underfloor heating
  • surface reatment – polyurethane
  • sound improvement with underlay 19 dB


Amtico Click technical specification: amtico-click-comm-technical-specification