VESCOM offers vinyl and textile wallcovering.

VESCOM vinyl wallcovering consist of vinyl top layer and coton backing. 1 m2 consist of  300-500 g vinyl, which gives strength for the surface and 50 g coton, which gives  material stability. Because of the  perfect exlpoatation features wallcovering do not shrinks, cracks, is strike resistant, surface could be washed with brush, vine, vebetable and fruit juice, marks from pensils could be easily removed. It could be used not only in private sector, but very well recomended in public sector  as offices, shopping chains, hotels, entertainment areas, leisure, health care and odontoligal clinics. These wallcovering follow Bfl-s1-d0 fire classification, which is very imports in hospitality and office sectors. Wallcoverings hold out wide temperature difference (from – 15 till + 70 ºC), this is why it is possible to use in the kichen, near stairs, corridors, outhouses. Manufacturer produce special collection for health care sectore and laboratories. These vinyl wallcovering collections are manufactured with special Vescom Protect surface, which could be cleaned with chamicals and disifectants. 

For luxury and decorative surfaces VESCOM offers textile wallcoverings. These wallcoverings are used in modern and classic interiors. Possibility to chose from wide range of natural silk, linen, mixed combinations  textile surfaces, extraordinary motives and colours. Vescom textile wallcoverings are easy to clean because of special Lurotex protection surface as top layer.

VESCOM B.V., Olandija