Vescom is one of the leading manufacturer for wallcoverings, upholstery and curtain fabrics for public sector.

Manufaturer offering wide range of sheer/transparent, range of light reducing curtain fabrics.  

” Black out” and “dim out” custains designs are all with their own look and feel. Flame retardant, railroaded, durable, colour fast and lightfast and most of them can even be washed at 70 degrees. The “black out” and “dim out” fabrics prove that aesthetics and function can be perfectly combined. Even with their high light blocking characteristics, the fabrics have a friendly textile look, are very stylish with full flexibly.

Sheer/transparent curtains designs offer an acoustic curtains. Formoza, Marmara and Carmen collections are developed and designed byAnnette Douglas.  In other collections  traditionally different yarns have been used for texture, a play between matt and shiny.  Vescom’s collection of transparent, acoustic curtain fabrics consists of five unique qualities and 8 transparent collections with high quality features complementary with night curtains fabrics in design and colour match. They are lightfast, colourfast, fire retardant, safe, functional, durable and, in many cases, washable at high temperatures. All fabrics are Oeko-Tex certified.

Vescom curtain fabrics provide a solution that fits seamlessly – you can take that ‘seamless’ literally with Vescom double width solutions – and the adaptability that clients have come to expect. With plain, patterned and translucent variations, as well as acoustic absorption, black out and dim out options, the curtain range offers more than 35 technical qualities. These can all be expressed in as many as 600 colourways.